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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Why register with EBTool?

EBTool is a ‘social network’ dedicated to business. Unlike other websites, our search engine functions as a trade directory. This enables consumers to search for businesses and products locally or worldwide. Also, it permits its members to trade and interact with each other and their consumers. Thus, this combines the facilities offered by B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer) websites within a dedicated business network.

Members registered with EBTool can deal directly with their customers and clients through their profile pages. Through the use of Google Maps, Paypal, Skype and Youtube, these act as the ultimate marketing tool and a complete online office. Members receive profile pages for their business, each of their products/services, and their personnel. Profiles can be quickly and easily registered, designed and edited. As a result, this allows anyone in business to have a dynamic online presence free of charge. Register today for free using a coupon code.

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2. How do I register with EBTool?

Simply click on the link on the top right-hand corner of the homepage.

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3. How much does membership of EBTool cost?

Membership of EBTool is free of charge. That means your business can register and use all our e-business tools entirely free of charge for an unlimited amount of time. Members can upload 50 products or services free of charge. To prevent members from uploading thousands of items, there is an annual charge of $50 for every 50 products over and above the first 50 products uploaded.

Old products/services can be deleted and replaced to ensure they do not exceed the limit. All businesses can avail of permanent free membership and be permitted to display free of charge 50 products/services at any one time.

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4. How many products/services can I upload to my business profile page?

There is currently no limit to the amount of products/services a user can upload to their profile page. However, only the first 50 products/services are free to upload. Products can be deleted and replaced to ensure the number of products remains at 50 or less. This ensures that businesses who produce catalogues do not freely add more items than smaller businesses.

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5. How do I sell products/services using Ebtool?

EBTool provides a platform for businesses to sell products and services to other businesses and to consumers using Paypal. Viewers of profile pages can choose to add any product/service from that page to their shopping basket and purchase it directly from the producer or service provider. Alternatively, the consumer can contact the provider directly using the contact details displayed on the profile page and place an order.

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6. How do I upload a video to Ebtool?

EBTool uses YouTube to host videos, ensuring optimum quality and maximising the number of views. Users must sign up to YouTube when posting a video and click the “Upload” link at the top of any YouTube page. Once the video is uploaded to YouTube, simply click on the “Share” button. A code will appear highlighted in blue. Copy the characters that appear after the http://youtu.be/ part of the code (e.g. NMe4qStOJyU) and paste them to the “Upload a Video” section of Ebtool when entering a new product or service. If you mistakenly include the http://youtu.be/ part of the code, your profile page will appear as the video itself. To correct this log out, log back in and go to the ‘Edit your Profile’ section of the Member’s Panel. Read the guide before uploading the video again.

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7. How do I add another member to my network?

Go to the member’s profile page and click on the “Add to your Network” button. A request will be sent to that member, who may or may not choose to join your network. New members can be invited via the administration panel. Emails will be sent here to new members inviting them to join your network. Business Members can only add existing members to their Current Personnel List. New personnel members can be invited to register. Once registered, they can be added to a Current Personnel list. Members can decline to accept an invitation to join any network and can remove themselves from any network at any time.

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8. How do I contact Ebtool?

Go to the contact page and use the contact form to submit your query.

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9. Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, users can deactivate their profile page at any time. However, they will not be entitled to a refund of membership fees already paid to EBTool.

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10. Does Ebtool take a commission on goods/services sold by its members?

No, EBTool is not involved in any transactions that take place between its members and consumers. It also does not take a commission on any sales. EBTool does not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss or damage that may arise from any such transactions. No contracts, implied or otherwise, shall exist between EBTool and consumers of products/services from members of EBTool. Consumers should be aware that a member′s membership of EBTool cannot be relied on as any indication that EBTool is in any way connected to that member′s business or of the legitimacy of that business.

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11. Can I register consumers and personnel for free?

Yes, all membership types are free of charge.

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12. How many types of Members are there?

There are three types of members:

  • Business Members
  • Personnel Members
  • Consumers.

Personnel Members and Consumers join free of charge.

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13. How many networks can a member join?

Members can add any number of other members to their networks. Business members have 3 networks, including a business network, a current personnel network and a consumer network. Personnel members have 2 networks, including a personnel network and a consumer network. Consumers have 1 network – a consumer network.

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14. What are the differences between a Business Profile, a Personnel Profile and a Consumer Profile?

A Business Profile must be created by paying the membership fee or using a coupon code. Businesses can then sell and market products/services to consumers. They can also create a network of other businesses they deal with. Business members can add their personnel to their profile. They receive an advanced administration panel called a Members Panel to control their profile page.

A Personnel Profile can be created free of charge. Personnel members must be invited by their employers to join the employers current personnel list. Personnel members can create a network of other personnel they deal with, but cannot add products/services to their profiles to market or sell. To add to this, they cannot join a business member’s business networks. Personnel members recieve a less advanced administration panel than business members. Although, they still have features of business members such as blogs, profiles to purchase and rate products/services, videos, pictures, maps, and messaging.

A Consumer profile can also be created free of charge. Until a Personnel member is invited to join their employers current personnel list, they are listed as consumers. Consumer Profiles have all the features of Personnel Profiles, except for personnel networks. Consumers can create their own Consumer Network, but cannot join other members business networks or personnel networks. Consumer members still have features of business members such as blogs, profile to purchase and rate products/services, videos, pictures, map, messaging, etc.

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15. Why has my account been suspended?

Business members accounts are suspended if they do not log in at least once every three months. This is to ensure that the businesses are still operational and that EBTool does not contain profiles for businesses that have closed. Members will be notified in advance of account suspension and can reactivate their accounts by emailing reactivate@ebtool.com from the email address used to register. Simply state the name of your business.

All members accounts can be suspended at any time if any of the content contained on their profile pages is deemed to be inappropriate, illegitimate or offensive. Profile pages can be flagged and reported to EBTool at any time. Cancelling your account will mean that you cannot reactivate the account, although you can re-register if you choose.

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